Cracked Heels

Cracked heels can be caused from excessively dry skin which then cracks.  Causes are lack of hydration  for the skin and not enough moisture being produced.

As we get older the skin dries and thins out but other contributory factors are, working or living in hot environments especially in places where there is underground heating, certain  footwear i.e. flip flops and open back shoes, certain medications, and other medical conditions that can cause dry skin and if untreated leads to cracking.

Some people have seasonal cracks i.e. some suffer with them more in the summer due to feet being exposed to the heat by wearing sandals. Others suffer more in the winter because of working environments i.e. central heating.  Those who suffer all year round tend to be due to medication or medical conditions or if they tend to wear sandals/flip flops even in the winter!

Its important to have cracked heels treated otherwise they can become very painful due to splitting and bleeding which can then become infected. Treatment starts with seeing a chiropodist in Birmingham to have your feet assessed and identify the cause, so that the most appropriate cream can be used (there are so many out there its hard to know which one to use and why!).

The Chiropodist can also remove and reduce the cracks so that when you use the cream it will work more effectively.  Once the cracks have healed its important to use a good foot moisturising cream which again your chiropodist can advise.

So if you suffer with cracked heels or dry skin don’t leave it, contact a chiropodist for treatment.

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